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  • Isabu road
    Isabu road Overview Isabu road is a 4.6-km coastal road that lies from Samcheok Port to Samcheok Beach along the beautiful east coast of Korea. The road was selected among 100 most beautiful roads in Korea as we
  • Haesindang Park
    Haesindang Park Overview Haesingdang Park is the only place in the east coast where you can find Korea’s folk phallicism. The Park has a folk fishing museum that shows the lives of people in fishing villages and a wi
  • Daegeum Cave
    Daegeum Cave Overview Daegeum Cave was formed around the same time as the nearby Hwaseon Cave and Gwaneum Cave. The cave was opened to public after a total of 7 years of preparation including the 4 years for full
  • Samcheok Miro Garden
    Samcheok Miro Garden Overview ‘You don’t age in Miro’Samcheok Miro Garden opened on May 31, 2017 and is comprised of two zones and a trail. Zone 1 which was made by renovating the Doota Branch School of Miro Elementary S
  • Samcheok Marine Cable Car
    Samcheok Marine Cable Car Introduction Wonderful Over-the-Sea Tour, Samcheok Marine Cable Car!Samcheok Marine Cable Car runs from Yonghwa-ri, Geundeok-myeon to Jangho-ri and the two stations which look like dragon head are fac
  • Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike
    Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike Introduction Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike is the one and only coastal rail bike in Korea and it runs on 5.4km-long double tracks through beautiful rocks and special type of pine trees called Gomsol (Bear