Clo Neowa Wine


Clo Neowa Wine

  • Made with 100% organic meoru (Korean wild grapes) grown in mid alpine farms
  • Clo Neowa Wine is made by fermenting Korean wild grapes in pots and it has wonderful aroma.
  • You can tour the winery when you visit Neowa Village at Sin-ri.
  • Won an award at the 1st Korea Wine & Spirits Awards (2007)
  • Selected as the Official Wine for the 2008 Samcheok Fire & Emergency Equipment Expo (SAFEM)
  • Won the Best Wine Award at the 1st Gangwon Province Wine Competition (2009)


Selling Period & Product Specification

  • Selling Period: All year round
  • Product Specification
    • 375㎖ 750㎖
    • Gift Sets: 375㎖ (2 bottles), 750㎖ (2 bottles)