Samcheok Yeongim Farm's Chamgomchwi

  • Cultivated in the Baramburi Valley, Chudong-ri, Hajang-myeon which is also a habitat of the second-grade endangered, Red-spotted Apollo Butterflies (Parnassius bremeri).
  • Yeongnim Farm cultivates mountain chamgomchwi on its clean farms located at 700m altitude and chamgomchwi cultivated here has a flavor and aroma that cannot be compared with those of ordinary gomchwi.
  • Yeongnim Farm's Chamgomchwi is an organic gomchwi that has been certified by the National Agricultural Product Quality Management Service as pesticide-free agricultural product (No. 11-07-3-75).
  • Yeongnim Farm also acquired Gangwon Province Agricultural, Fisheries and Special Regional Product Quality Assurance Certification (No. 10-36-01) and Pureun Gangwon Mark (Gangwon-07-04) for the outstanding quality of its Chamgomchwi.
  • You can use gomchwi to make various dishes such as go


Selling Period & Product Specification

  • Selling Period: Late March ~ Late June
  • Product Specification
    • Fresh Gomchwi: 1kg (box)
    • Dried Gomchwi: 100g