Korsakov, Russia

General Information

Location: The largest port city in Sakhalin Oblast, Russia

General Information
Population Area Administrative Organization Budget (CNY) Educational Institutions Climate Establishment of Sister City Relations
45,000 26㎢ 1 University Cool Temperature Climate Aug 31, 2010



Key Industries: fishing industry (pollack, herring, cod), underground resources (natural gas, crude, coal), wood processing, pulp and paper industry


  • Resources(Mining): Natural gas, crude, coal
  • Resources(Fisheries): Pollack, herring, cod

Regional Characteristic

Fish processing industry is developed, icebreakers are used to break the frozen water from December to March

Investment Environment

  • Port city, base for deep-sea fishing ships and the no.2 commercial center in Sakhalin Oblast
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is 39km away by train and 41km away by drive and Korsakov serves as the suburb of the capital.
  • Icebreakers are important from December to March because of the drifting ice coming down from the Sea of Okhotsk
  • Abundant seafood, coal, crude, natural gas and other mineral resources

Key Exchange Areas

  • The two cities are aimed at increasing inter-city exchanges and cooperation in the administrative, educational, cultural, arts, economic, sports and environmental sectors under the principles of reciprocity and equality.
  • The two cities are working towards globalization and mutual growth of Korea and Russia
  • The two cities always stay in contact so that they can always cooperate towards inter-city exchanges and common interests

Key Attractions

아크차프리스카야거리, Sea of Okhotsk, Tunnaicha Lake