Ddobagi Soybean Paste


Ddobagi Soybean Paste

  • Made with organic, pesticide-free beans grown on rich soils of Mt. Dootasan at Hwalgi-ri, Miro-myeon.
  • Ddobaji soybean paste made using fermented soy sauce and a traditional method has a dark color and an exquisite smell.
  • Fast-fermented bean paste pills and powder can be consumed easily in your daily life as nutritional supplements.


Selling Period & Product Specification

  • Selling Period: All year round
  • Product Specification
    • Soybean Paste: 1kg
    • Naturally Fermented Soy Sauce: 500㎖
    • Organic Fast-Fermented Soybean Paste: 1kg (200g packets)
    • Chewable Fast-Fermented Soybean: 250g