Gopo Seaweed


Gopo Seaweed

  • Samcheok Gopo Rock Seaweed is a rare type of rock seaweed that can be harvested mostly around May – June. Gopo Rock Seaweed has to withstand the cold current in the east coast and this increases the number of creases on the seaweed and makes the seaweed thicker. Gopo Rock Seaweed has been considered a rare delicacy and the best seaweed in the country since the old days.


  • Samcheok Gopo Village (Gopo Seaweed Market): 033-573-6293 / 010-2287-1389
  • 87-1, Gopowolcheon-gil, Wondeok-eup, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do

Selling Period & Product Specification

  • Selling Period: All year round
  • Packaging Size
    • Large (㎜): 940(L) × 270(W) × 205(H) / 5 – 10 sheets of seaweed
    • Special Products: Water Salt, Black Salt, Salt Candy, Dandelion Salt, Bellflower Root Salt
    • Small (㎜): 530(L) × 240(W) × 140(H) / 1 – 4 sheets of seaweed