Symbol Mark
  • The rising Sun represents Samcheok’s prosperous future and growth.
  • The vivid curves below which were designed based on the number ‘3’, a number representing stability, symbolizes the nature filled with the energy of Baekdudaegan, a mountain range that serves as the backbone of Korea.

City Brand. Wonderful Samcheok
City Brand
  • Samcheok’s city brand, ‘Wonderful’ means Samcheok is filled with wonders.
  • Wonderful represent Samcheok’s vision of becoming a wonderful, future-oriented hi-tech city with untainted nature and advanced welfare system.
  • Wonderful is a universal exclamation people all around the world use and it is an expression Samcheok city uses to share its vision to the world.

Mascot: Samcheokdongja (Samcheok Child)
Mascot: Samcheokdongja (Samcheok Child)
  • The child mascot was designed to make people feel closer and friendly towards the city of Samcheok.
  • Samcheokdongja is a combination of "Samcheok" and "Dongja (cute and young boy) and the word symbolizes the sons and daughters of Samcheok.

City Flower: Royal Azalea
City Flower: Royal Azalea
  • Royal azalea is a native to Korea and it represents the long history and traditions of Samcheok.
  • Royal azaleas found all over the city represent the growth and solidarity of Samcheok citizens.
  • Royal azaleas’ five floral leaves symbolize the diversity of livelihoods in Samcheock which is comprised of farm villages, fishing villages, mining villages and industrial districts.

City Bird: Seagull
City Bird : a sea gull
  • Seagull is like the phoenix of the ocean. Seagull represents Samcheok citizens’ strong, and persevering spirit.
  • Seagulls fly in large flocks so seagulls represent the growth of Samcheok City and also the citizens’ solidarity, stability and loyalty to each other.

City Tree : a zelkova
City Tree : a zelkova
  • Zelkova tree found all over the city represent are guardian trees that protect the well-being and prosperity of the citizens.
  • Two old zelkova trees in Samcheok are designated as cultural heritage.