Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

黒部市. city of KUROBE

General Information

Location: in the northeast part of Toyama Prefecture, Japan

General Information
Population 42,000
Area 427.96㎢
Administrative Organization 2 Offices 5 Divisions 2 Bureaus 1 Branch Office 1 Committee
Budget (CNY) JPY 16,765 million
Educational Institutions Elementary 10/Middle 3/High 1
Climate Temperate Climate
Establishment of Sister City Relations 1998.11. 5


Key Industries

  • Primary Industry: 7.5% (Main Crops: rice, wheat, beans, vegetables)
  • Secondary Industry: 47.9% (YKK Headquarters)
  • Tertiary Industry: 44.6%


A typical garden city with a balanced amount of coastal areas, mountains and plains. The city is currently developing as an industrial city with focus on secondary industry

Historical, Cultural and Social Characteristics

Medical Institutions: 46 / Welfare Facilities: 9 / Cultural and Sports Facilities: 13

Key Exchange Areas

  • Mutual growth through exchanges in the economic, social, cultural, sport and administrative sectors
  • Achieving mutual administrative development by sending public officials to each other for overseas training
  • Cooperation and mutual support in regards to natural disasters
  • Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan
  • Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan
  • Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

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