Leesburg, VA, USA

General Information

Location: 35 mi northwest of Washing, D.C.

General Information
Population Area Administrative Organization Budget (CNY) Educational Institutions Climate Establishment of Sister City Relations
32,000 30㎢ 10 Administrative Departments and 250 Public Officials 5 Universities Mild Climate 2003.04.22


Key Industry

A commercial and residential suburb of Washington D.C.


  • A major transportation hub in northern Virginia with more than 1 million people residing within commuting distance
  • Educational and cultural city that has 5 universities including the prestigious George Washington University
  • Xerox Headquarters

Historical, Cultural and Social Characteristics

  • Historically meaningful region and the most beautiful city in Virginia. A place with well-preserved American cultural heritage
  • Thomas Balch Library (Holds a lot of archives and records on regional history, ancestry of the citizens and on the American Civil War)

Key Exchange Areas

  • The two cities are aimed at increasing inter-city exchanges and cooperation in the administrative, educational, cultural, arts, economic, sports and environmental sectors under the principles of reciprocity and equality.
  • The two cities are working towards globalization and mutual growth of Korea and the US
  • The two cities always stay in contact so that they can always cooperate towards inter-city exchanges and common interests

Key Tourist Attractions

  • Recreational Parks: 15 parks including the Ida Lee Park
  • Leesburg Executive Airport
  • Thomas Balch Library
  • Leesburg, VA, USA
  • Leesburg, VA, USA

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