Dogye Highland Grape

Dogye Highland Grape

  • Cultivated with environment-friendly methods in high valleys (400m+) of the Taebaek Mountains.
  • The optimal average temperature, rainfall and soil quality make the grape berries here dene and consistent in size.
  • The grapes have outstanding color, gloss, sugar content (14~22 brix) and storage quality.
  • More than 60 farmers produce around 1,000 tons of quality grapes on a total area of 50ha.
  • Mt. Yukbaeksan Highland Grape is a crop supported by Rural Development Association’s Top Fruit Development Program and it won the Outstanding Quality Award at the 2010 Top Fruit Quality Evaluation.


  • Dogye Highland Grape Farmer's Cooperative Unit: 033)541-8574 , 033)541-8412
  • Dogye Nonghyup:
  • Dogye-eup by the National Highway No. 38

Selling Period & Product Specification

  • Selling Period: September - October
  • Product Specification: 2kg, 5kg (box)