Kungur, Russia

Generation Information

Location: in the Ural Mountains, central Russia

Generation Information
Population Area Administrative Organization Budget (CNY) Educational Institutions Climate Establishment of Sister City Relations
76,600 68.7㎢ Cold Climate 2003. 5.30


Key Industry

Tourism and commercial industry


Iren, Sylva and Shakva Rivers run through the city. Located in the Ural Mountains

Historical, Cultural and Social Characteristics

A commercial city with a lot of famous old architecture. Was the largest city in the Ral Mountains in the 18th century being one of the busiest centers of trades and handicraft in Russia. Having a lot of cultural heritage, ice caves and well-preserved natural landscapes, Kungur city will likely to become the most attractive city in Central Russia

Key Exchange Areas

  • Mutual growth through economic, tour, cultural and artistic exchanges
  • Cooperation and mutual support in regards to natural disasters and various events

Key Attraction

Kungur Ice Cave

  • Kungur, Russia
  • Kungur, Russia
  • Kungur, Russia