Samcheok Isabu and Dokdo Festival

Samcheok Isabu and Dokdo Festival

Samcheok Isabu and Dokdo Festival



Samcheok Isabu and Dokdo Festival is a historic, cultural festival held to remind people of the importance of defending our beautiful Dokdo Island and to commemorate the pioneering and adventurous spirit of General Isabu of Silla Dynasty who subjugated the island state of Usanguk, which was composed of modern-day Ulleungdo and Dokdo Islands.


  • Period: September 22 (Fri) - September 24 (Sun), 2017 / 3 days
  • Location: Samcheok Culture & Art Center
  • Address: 69, Expo-ro, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do

Contact No.

Tourism Policy Department at Samcheok City Hall 033-570-3844

How to Get Here

Local Bus

Samcheok Bus Terminal → Get Off at Jukseoru Pavilion (Take Local Bus No. 14, 14-1, 31 or 31-2, 10 min), 15 min walk from Samcheok Bus Terminal

Diving Directions

자가용으로 찾아가시는 길 출발지점, 찾아가시는 길
Starting Point Route
From Seoul Seoul → Gangneung (Yeongdong Expressway) → Donghae (Donghaean Expressway) → Samcheok (National Highway No. 7) → Turn Right at the Crossroad under the Overpass in Gyo-dong → Turn Left at the Three-Way Intersection by Chamber of Commerce & Industry → Turn Right at Samcheok Medical Center, then Turn Left → Expo Town
From Busan Busan → Uljin (National Highway No. 7) → Samcheok (National Highway No.) → Samcheok Station → Turn Left at the Crossroad by Jinju Elementary School → Expo Town
From Taebaek Taebaek → Turn Right at Samcheok Dogyeong Three-Way Intersection (National Highway No. 38) → Samcheok Driving School → Turn Right at Wondang Jugong Apartment → Turn Left After Passing Over Expo Bridge → Expo Town
5 min from Samcheok Bus Terminal