welcome to Samcheok Mayor of Samcheok
Yang-ho Kim
Yang-ho Kim Mayor of Samcheok
Citizen-Centered, Happy Samcheok!Hello, I’m Yang-ho Kim, Mayor of Samcheok.

Welcome to Samcheok, the marine and cultural city that boasts beautiful mountains, caves, valley and ocean!

Focusing on the six core tasks which include, ‘Construction of an environment-friendly city using clean energy’, ‘Construction of an eco city where humans and the nature harmoniously coexist’, ‘Construction of a social security network that allows no blind spots in public welfare’ and ‘Construction of an administravely transparent and safe city’, the sixth city government of Samcheok elected by popular vote will devote all its efforts to making Samcheok a happy, pleasant and citizen-centered city.

The city will also do its best to make Samcheok a leading city that provides open administrative services that allow citizens’ participation and quality education.

We hope this website serves as a place of open communication for you and we kindly ask for your valued interest and support in making Samcheok a better city for everyone.

Thank you.