Maengbang Canola Flower Festival



Maengbang Canola Flower Festival is the festival of the east sea and of the canola flowers and cherry blossoms that bloom after a long winter. You can smell the spring at a 7.2ha garden filled with yellow canola flowers and white cherry blossoms. The festival is held in April in Sangmaengbang-ri, Geundeok-myeon (old National Highway No. 7) every year. Children can play and make wonderful memories in beautiful flower gardens and families and loved ones can participate in various colorful events.


  • Period: April 7 (Fri) - April 30 (Sun), 2017 → 24 days
    ※ Main Festival Period: April 7 (Fri) - April 16 (Sun), 2017 → 10 days
  • Location: Sangmaengbang-ri, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si (Area: 7.2ha)
  • Address: 3992-8, Samcheok-ro, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do

Contact No.

Agricultural Administration Department at Samcheok City Hall 033-570-3372

How to Get Here

Local Bus

Samcheok Central Bus Terminal → Get Off at Sangmaengbang-ri (Take Local Bus No. 20, 21, 22, 23 or 24, 20 min)

Driving Directions

자가용으로 찾아가시는 길 해맞이 축제 자가용으로 서울방면, 부산방면, 태백방면에서 오시는 길
Starting Point Route
From Seoul Seoul → Gangneung (Yeongdong Expressway) → Donghae (Donghaean Expressway) → Samcheok (National Highway No. 7) → Uljin (National Highway No. 7) → Maengbang IC (Right) → Canola Flower Festival Site
From Busan Busan → Uljin (National Highway No. 7) → Samcheok (National Highway No. 7) → Geundeok IC (Left) → Canola Flower Festival Site
From Taebaek Taebaek → Turn Right at Samcheok Dogyeong Three-Way Intersection (National Highway No. 38) → Go Straight at Deungbong Driving School → Go Straight at the Crossroad by Samcheok Medical Center → Turn Left After Passing Over Samcheok Bridge → Obun Three-Way Intersection → Uljin (National Highway No. 7) → Maengbang IC (Right) → Canola Flower Festival Site
15 min from Samcheok Bus Terminal